United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Conference


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Agricultural Innovation MKTPlace


CRISPR/Cas9 based virus resistance in cotton


Gorilla Doctors

Gorilla Doctors

How fruit and vegetable research can impact poverty around the world

How fruit and vegetable research can impact poverty around the world

Hunger and injury in school age children in Zambia: A sub-analysis of the global school-based health survey


Expanding Renewable Energy Sources in Nairobi, Kenya

Funke Aderonmu

PREDICT: The World's Most Comprehensive Zoonotic Disease Surveillance & Capacity Development Program


Got Safe Milk? A One-Health Community Project

Got safe milk

The Health, Use and Abandonment of Cart Horses in Ethiopia

Cart horses

Risk Factors and Veterinary Outcomes for Snare-Related Injuries in Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Risk factors gorillas

Culture & Conservation: Impacts of a One Health Community Education Program in South Africa

Culture and Conservation

Protecting Coconut Crabs of Pemba

Coconut Crabs

Task Shifting and Capacity Building for Non-Communicable Diseases in Uganda

task shifting and capacity building

A Solar-powered system for water disinfection with UV light for use in underserved communities

Solar powered

Resilient Moringa: A Crop for Sustainable Nutrition, Health, and Agriculture in Africa

Resilient Moringa

Exploring women's views on infant feeding and mobile health to promote exclusive breastfeeding in Roatán, Honduras, a location of high infant mortality

Jihey Yuk

Feed the Future - Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access

Feed the Future

Small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements, together with malaria and diarrhea treatment, improve growth and development in young Burkinabe children

Sonja Hess